Thursday, September 6, 2007

Welcome to the MedioVis-Blog


welcome all. Today we really started to blog... primarily about our project "MedioVis" which is developed by a few people at the HCI-Chair at the University of Konstanz, Germany.
MedioVis is concerned with the user-centred development of next generation visual information seeking systems for novice and nonexpert users. A central design goal of the MedioVis interface is to offer interaction focused on supporting realistic human search behaviour: Not only analytical queries but also browsing-oriented strategies shall be supported, for example by allowing a quick overview, filtering, zooming into details, and "surfing" of search results.

  • Visual search and exploration in digital libraries, catalogues or multimedia databases
  • User-centred document- and knowledge retrieval
  • Multiple application scenarios: libraries, e-commerce, desktop or intranet search, video-on-demand, media asset management, ...
  • Visual interface and new zoomable user interface components (e.g. the HyperGrid) for easily accessing multimedia metadata or fulltext (e.g. JPG, PDF, AVI, MP3, ...) without losing visual context
  • MedioVis explores innovative solutions for multimedia document storage and retrieval in cooperation with the WG DBIS (Prof. Scholl, University of Konstanz) and the BaseX project.
You can find detailed information about the project under

Have fun & best whishes from Lake Constance

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